Packing Checklist

There are some things you just have to do before you go on holiday. Here's a list to help jog your memory before you leave the house.

If travelling from overseas

  • Make sure you know where your passport is and it has not expired. You may need to obtain travel visas to visit New Zealand so please allow plenty of time for this (you can visit to see current regulations)
  • Arrange appropriate travel insurance cover
  • Purchase some destination currency to get your trip started (you can always buy more when you arrive)

Before you leave

  • Check you've received all tickets and confirmed your bookings at least two working days prior to departure
  • Arrange childcare, pet sitter and house sitter
  • Leave the 'do's and 'do not' do list for your teenagers staying at home!
  • Cancel your newspaper and organise someone to regularly clear your letterbox
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and contact details with someone from home
  • On day of departure secure your house: lock all doors and windows and unplug electrical appliances and always double check you have your passport!


  • Essential prescription medication to last for the duration of your trip
  • Clothes to accommodate all weather possibilities - but always try to pack light!
  • Hand luggage, especially if you're flying, should include travel documentation, money, valuables (camera etc), medication, change of clothes and entertainment (iPod, book, magazine etc). Please ensure you check with the airline you are travelling with to ensure you comply with the current policy of carrying liquids on board the aircraft.
  • A pen - so often forgotten but so often needed!

Enjoy your holiday!

Napier i-SITE Visitor Centre is one of Napier City Council's great facilities/services. There are many more...

Bay Skate

Located on Marine Parade, Napier, is the Bay Skate Park - home to skateboarding, BMX, roller derby, inline hockey and scootering.
View website for Bay Skate

National Aquarium of New Zealand

Nowhere else in New Zealand will you discover a wider range of marine animals and native species in a single facility than at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.
View website for National Aquarium of New Zealand

Napier Aquatic Centre

Situated in the centre of Napier, in the middle of Onekawa Park, the Napier Aquatic Centre is a safe and affordable aquatic facility for everyone.
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The Faraday Centre

The Faraday Centre in Napier, is Hawke's Bay's Museum of Technology. It's a place of discovery where history comes alive through hands on experience.
View website for The Faraday Centre

Parklands Residential Estate

Located in the Art Deco city of Napier. We have worked closely with our builders to promote and develop high quality housing within an open-aspect environment.
View website for Parklands Residential Estate

Napier Libraries

Strive to Inspire, Educate and Entertain by providing access to information through various resources within our Libraries. We aim to provide more than you expect.
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MTG Hawke's Bay

Comprising a Museum, Theatre and Gallery - MTG is home to a significant collection of objects that form the foundation of distinctive exhibitions, a world-class research facility and the MTG Theatre.
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Par2 MiniGolf

Come to Par2 MiniGolf and meet Seamore the Seagull at our sea-side minigolf courses. Challenge your friends and family for a round.
View website for Par2 MiniGolf

Napier City Council

For Napier City residents and citizens to have easy access to see what council are currently working on, completed, what they do, facilities, and council information.
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Napier Conference Centre

We offer an all purpose built venue that uniquely combines spectacular outlooks with functional layout.
View website for Napier Conference Centre

William Colenso

Build on the blossoming national and international interest in William Colenso's life and ideas as the result of the William Colenso Bicentenary Celebrations in Hawke's Bay in 2011, and a body of new publications and research.
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Kennedy Park Resort Napier

We are Hawkes Bay's premier holiday accommodation park providing an array of facilities to keep the entire family entertained.
View website for Kennedy Park Resort Napier

Napier Municipal Theatre

Unique Art Deco heritage has been preserved with the skilful addition of modern theatre facilities making it the best provincial performing arts centre in the nation.
View website for Napier Municipal Theatre

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