Tourism Services Sustainability Policy

Qualmark LogosThis policy is supported at individual facility level by the framework of Sustainable Tourism Annual Goals which identify specific annual focus points for implementation / improvement on the basis of practical and cost effective measures that address sustainability issues.

To this end our facilities are committed to and will take action to:

  • Achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation while complying with all laws and regulations.
  • Implement programmes to minimise our use of energy and water consumption wherever possible.
  • Prevent pollution and reduce waste by committing to and promoting minimal impact practices, avoid, rethink, reduce, recycle and reuse.
  • Implement the aims of either Qualmark Enviromark or STAR programmes and have a framework for regularly recording measures of the relevant Benchmarking indicators. Information is complete, accurate and able to be independently verified.
  • Make appropriate year on year improvements in relevant sector benchmarking indicators. This includes analysing performance and setting improvement and maintenance targets.
  • Provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our sustainable objectives; ensuring that induction programmes and regular staff meetings contain a sustainability section.
  • Work with others in the tourism industry, in public agencies and the community to achieve wider environmental goals, providing a local leadership role through role modelling.
  • Encourage active two-way community participation ie community involvement and interaction with our facilities while also proactively seeking opportunities for our facilities to 'give-back' and connect with our community.
  • Communicate our aims and performance in our sustainability programme to our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and local community for accountability and wider education.
  • Purchase environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic products where practical. We will continue to adopt more sustainable practices as the cost (social, economic and environmental) of not doing so becomes more apparent and the benefits of doing so become increasingly compelling.
  • Consider the full life cycle of a product when purchasing any items. From the initial purchase, delivery and packaging, through to the ongoing use, consumables and maintenance, to the final disposal of parts of the product or full decommissioning; reuse, recycle, rethink or avoid.

Committed to by the staff of the Tourism Services Department of Napier City Council:

  • National Aquarium of New Zealand
  • Marineland of New Zealand
  • Par 2 MiniGolf
  • Napier i-SITE Visitor Centre
  • Napier War Memorial Conference Centre
  • Hawke's Bay Museum & Art Gallery
  • Napier Municipal Theatre
  • Kennedy Park Top 10 Holiday Resort
  • Tourism Services Management Office

Sustainable Practices

We have implemented many initiatives that allow us to minimise the impact of our operation on the environment. These include:

Waste Management

  • Recycling stations are situated throughout the i-SITE for glass, plastic, paper and aluminium.
  • Organic waste from the kitchen is recycled using the Bokashi system. Bio product (juice) is diluted and feed to pot plants & used on Par2 MiniGolf gardens.
  • Paper & cardboard recycling stations are situated in reservations, retail & outdoor deck areas, also administration areas.
  • 100% recycled products are used for toilet & paper hand towels.
  • Double side printing used when appropriate and paper is sourced from sustainable forests.
  • When possible, re-usable containers are used from suppliers.
  • Rubbish bags used are made from recycled plastic.
  • Battery recycling station is available at our i-SITE for staff, locals & visitors.
  • Fluorescent light tubes, energy efficient light bulbs and battery waste are separated for collection.

Pollution Prevention

  • Micro cloths are used to clean doors on a daily basis and monthly window cleaning.
  • Any chemical products used for cleaning are carefully measured and highly diluted.
  • Foaming soap dispensers are provided in all bathrooms to control quantity used.
  • We use Eco store & Mother Earth cleaning products that meet Environmental Choice standards.

Energy Efficiency

  • We have a 'Switch-off Policy' in place for all lights, air-conditioning, heating and other electronic devices for all staff to adhere to.
  • Light sensors are installed in all storage areas and for outdoor security lighting.
  • Natural light is utilised very effectively in all areas
  • We continually monitor our energy use and work towards reducing energy costs on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Hot water cylinder is set at a lower temperature
  • New appliance, equipment purchases are based on energy efficiency star ratings

Water Efficiency & Quality

  • All toilets are run on a dual flush system.
  • Low flow taps are installed in bathroom.

Market Place

  • We regularly survey our customers and evaluate satisfaction levels.
  • Plastic retail bags are 100% recyclable, paper bags are recyclable.
  • Amnesty box available for visitor to recycle/ reuse brochures

Supply Chain

  • Local suppliers are used wherever practical as suppliers of choice.
  • We encourage our local suppliers to reduce the use of or recycle packaging.
  • Our printers are from a Carbon Zero rated supplier. Sustainable practice was a condition of the tender document.

Policies and Procedures

  • We have a simple 'Environmental and Sustainable Business Policy' on display to ensure it is easily read and understood by customers and staff.
  • All staff sign a copy of the Policy during induction.

Workplace Practices

  • Staff are conscious of our current sustainable practices and are committed to ensuring the success of our business operation.
  • A staff representative forms part of the Tourism Services Department "Green Team" and attends quarterly meetings.
  • A section on sustainability is incorporated in the i-SITE staff induction process.
  • Sustainable ideas are discussed and recorded at staff meetings.

Community Involvement

  • All staff have an agreed objective as part of their annual performance appraisal in respect to donating time to a charity or a community organisation.
  • We are able to assist charity and community organisations with promoting their events when their event directly benefits the citizens of Napier.
  • We regularly have students from the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) to visit our facilities and when appropriate we assist both EIT and local High Schools with workplace experience.

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