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Improve Your Sewing Skills - Nightclass

Improve Your Sewing Skills - Nightclass. Wednesday 20th September 2017
Due to popular demand, the ideal school fashion studios at EIT are very pleased to offer another 7-week sewing night class. These workshops will be practical hands-on sessions on knowing your sewing machine, using an overlocker, understanding commercial patterns, fabrics, grainlines and layouts....

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The Biz Napier

The Biz Napier. Thursday 21st September 2017
Yellow is bringing its popular, free, The Biz event to Napier. Join us for practical, local marketing advice. Check out some event highlights here: We’ve gathered some of the best brains in the business so you can hear people’s personal work...

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Seleno Health Presentation

Seleno Health Presentation. Thursday 21st September 2017
Special presentation by Dr Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya who are a young New Zealand and Peruvian couple who are founders and directors of a boutique health company called Seleno Health. Sally’s grandad was one of the many farmers who left his farm to seek opportunities in the city as he,...

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What Are the Benefits of Doing a Spring Detox?: CANCELLED

What Are the Benefits of Doing a Spring Detox?: CANCELLED. Thursday 21st September 2017
Spring is a time for creativity and new beginnings. It's the perfect opportunity to restore health. In our current environment, we are exposed to far more toxins than our ancestors. We have more chemicals to contend with. We use more prescription drugs and eat more sugar and processed food. Our...

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Jam Club

Jam Club. Thursday 21st September 2017
6 Week Music Course for Adults! Learn the basics of jamming! Play in a group with other musicians and understand the dynamics of a band. Using an approach that incorporates playing by ear, reading music and basic theory we will learn how to improvise riffs and chord progressions, solos and...

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Meditation & Contemplation

Meditation & Contemplation. Thursday 21st September 2017
We invite you to practice meditation with the support of a group. Our group uses an approach to meditation/contemplation based on the Christian tradition. Everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a spiritual practice, spiritual companionship, have no affiliation with any Spiritual...

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Screenprinting Weekend Workshop

Screenprinting Weekend Workshop. Saturday 23rd September 2017
This workshop introduces practical techniques of screen printing including how to make a screen stencil, how to use light sensitive emulsion and how to print onto paper or a fabric surface. This workshop is suitable for beginners. You will design and create the screen on Saturday, and print it on...

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Home Food Production Workshop Part 2

Home Food Production Workshop Part 2. Saturday 23rd September 2017
This introductory level workshop, held across two two-hour sessions is aimed at those of us who want to grow our own food at home but don't know how or where to start. Our experienced tutor is a passionate gardener and educator who loves growing things to eat. We'll cover lots of tried and tested...

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Vegetable Fermentation Workshop

Vegetable Fermentation Workshop. Saturday 23rd September 2017
Farmhouse Kitchen offers a hands-on workshop where you can learn all about making health-promoting fermented foods, including sauerkraut and more. You will be able to taste some delicious fermented foods and take away your creations as well as lots of recipes and tips to try at home. You will be...

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Customer Service Excellence - Business Training NZ Limited

Customer Service Excellence - Business Training NZ Limited. Tuesday 26th September 2017
A fantastic one day course to get staff communicating professionally and confidently with customers. Keep your customers coming back by empowering staff with core communication and customer service skills along with a ‘can do attitude’. For the better part of every day, we are communicating to...

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Supervision: An Introduction

Supervision: An Introduction. Tuesday 26th September 2017
Know the key skills for managing other people as well as their work. When you manage other people, you need to balance your own development alongside managing and leading your team. This popular one day course will provide many of the tools you need to cope with this juggling act. You'll work on...

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Stage 2 Training for H&S Representatives: CANCELLED

Stage 2 Training for H&S Representatives: CANCELLED. Tuesday 26th September 2017
Take your skill base as a health and safety representative to the next level. Stage 2 training focuses on specific risk and hazard identification and controls, approved Codes of Practice, using accident data to identify trends and develop preventative actions across all the core elements of your...

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Skin - The Mirror of Inner Health

Skin  - The Mirror of Inner Health. Tuesday 26th September 2017
Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hives - what's happening to your skin? Join Alison Cowell as she reveals the many ways our skin speaks to us about our inner health. Skin is our largest organ and holds a key to our well-being, we simply need to take the time to notice. Become well-informed and feel...

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Time Management Workshop

Time Management Workshop. Wednesday 27th September 2017
Do you need more hours in your day? Would you like to become less busy and more productive? Learn how to prioritise, how to handle interruptions, plan ahead, beat common time wasters, delegate, and much more. You've all heard the expression 'Time is money' Well actually time is more valuable...

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Developing a Bully-Free Culture: CANCELLED

Developing a Bully-Free Culture: CANCELLED. Wednesday 27th September 2017
Bullying is a significant workplace hazard that affects employee health and business productivity. To prevent bullying is much easier than dealing with it once it occurs. This course helps you to identify bullies and put in place practical steps to make your workplace safer for everyone. It gives...

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Information and Enrolment Day

Information and Enrolment Day. Thursday 28th September 2017

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Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules. Saturday 30th September 2017
Kate de Goldi and Susan Paris will talk about a first for New Zealand’s young readers – Annual. This vibrant miscellany for 9 –12-year-olds is the editors’ response to current publishing trends and their belief that this age group is under-served. ‘Kids this age are savvy,...

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Writing Historical Fiction

Writing Historical Fiction. Sunday 1st October 2017
Jenny Pattrick Workshop. Jenny will share some of the useful research tools available in this workshop investigating the pleasures and pitfalls of writing historical fiction. Participants will be set a simple 100-word exercise (it will be fun) to complete and send back to Jenny a week before the...

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It's a Kind of Magic

It's a Kind of Magic. Sunday 1st October 2017
Mega award winning writer Kate de Goldi‘s books are so intricately constructed, so beautifully voiced, they are beloved by adults and children alike. Steeped in stories and story-telling, Kate is joined by magician Gareth Ward, aka The Great Wardini, whose award-winning debut Young Adult novel...

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Effective Altruism by Catherine Low

Effective Altruism by Catherine Low. Sunday 1st October 2017
Using Science and Reason to do the Most Good We Can. Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that uses evidence and analysis to maximise the positive impact we have on the world, through our donations, time and career. Catherine Low from Effective Altruism New Zealand will...

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Music Holiday Programme

Music Holiday Programme. Monday 2nd October 2017
During the October school holidays, Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm. Open to ages 5 - 19. A great place to experience a range of different instruments in a fun, safe, learning environment. Overseen by qualified teacher Annabelle Flood. Students will be engaged in several different activities...

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We Need to Talk About P

We Need to Talk About P. Monday 2nd October 2017
The P we need to talk about is the white collar P, the blue collar P, the P in everyone’s backyard. We use violent words to talk about its effects - ripping apart, destroying, and hollowing out. Doctor Joseph Stone and Amber Logan confront assumptions that P is a gang problem and show just how...

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Massey MBA Information Evening

Massey MBA Information Evening. Tuesday 3rd October 2017
If you are interested in undertaking and MBA (Master of Business Administration) come and find out more at the Massey MBA information evening. Our MBA Director, some of our current students and alumni will be there to talk to you about the journey and value of the programme. The event is free and...

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Diversity. Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Photographer, film-maker and performance artist William Yang is a major figure in Australian art and celebrity society. He is the subject of 'William Yang: Stories of Love and Death', which looks at Yang’s documentation of the impact of the AIDS virus on the Sydney arts scene, and the joyful...

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Chemistry Of Life - Your Guide To An Extraordinary Life

Chemistry Of Life - Your Guide To An Extraordinary Life. Wednesday 4th October 2017
This is where it all begins. The why and the how of Living an Extraordinary Healthy Life, with an emphasis on the Brain-Body Connection (Structural Correction) but also addressing specific lifestyle steps to help support that primary focus. Fewer Accidents and Injuries, More Energy, Better...

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Want to find out about Electric Vehicles

Wednesday 4th October 2017
Electric Vehicles. Tony and Christine made the decision a year ago to buy an electric vehicle. They took delivery in January this year. This seminar outlines the background to the technology, the thinking and analysis behind their decision, the implications for the individual owner and the wider...

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Beginners Salsa 8-week Course

Beginners Salsa 8-week Course. Wednesday 4th October 2017
Salsa Dance Lessons - Beginners course start Wednesday 4th October 2017. Join the fun of salsa dancing, we recommend having a partner however it is not essential as we have a helper to assist, just come along and have a fantastic time meeting new people and learn to dance. See our facebook event...

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Personal Effectiveness facilitated webinars

Personal Effectiveness facilitated webinars. Thursday 5th October 2017
This breakfast series covers hot topics on personal effectiveness. Learn valuable skills to manage yourself, your workload and your relationships to positively impact your success professionally and personally. Designed around popular webinars currently on the Chartered Accountants ANZ Education...

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A Day for You: CANCELLED

A Day for You: CANCELLED. Saturday 7th October 2017
Create the life you wish. An interactive and explorative day where you will: - Learn about food and how it affects your mood - Why to set goals and boundaries? - How to create the future you want through visioning and affirmations - Discover what's holding you back. Meet likeminded women....

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Other Peoples' Stories

Other Peoples' Stories. Sunday 8th October 2017
Stephen Daisley is a novelist who is an ex-shearer and oil and gas worker; Deborah Challinor has a PhD in New Zealand History and is a novelist and historian. Coming from different directions, they have both taken on the risk of writing about war. With Lizzie Russell as Chair, they discuss what it...

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The Wish Child

The Wish Child. Sunday 8th October 2017
Right from when she exploded onto the scene with 'In a Fishbone Church', Catherine Chidgey has been visiting booklovers in the Bay. She is with us again to revisit some of her earlier books and trace her trajectory from 'In a Fishbone Church' to 'The Wish Child', and where she might go next,...

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Code IT '17

Code IT '17. Monday 9th October 2017
Apps, Coding, Websites, and Robots. Fantastic Fun for ages 12-17. These holidays, your teen can prepare for a future in coding and experience the thrill of creating apps and websites. They will use a variety of software - both design and coding. They will get to programme Arduino micro-controllers...

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Making Movies Workshop

Making Movies Workshop. Tuesday 10th October 2017
Introduction to Screen Production (Filmmaking). The Introduction to Screen Production Shortcourse gives you a taste of working in the Screen Production Industry with practical lessons in camera and sound recording, editing and sound mixing from our experienced professionals at EIT's purpose-built...

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Wellness & Support In Our Rural Community

Wellness & Support In Our Rural Community. Tuesday 10th October 2017
We all have a role to play in creating safe and happy rural communities. This session is perfect for those professionals supporting our rural communities; those who often have an insight into the lives of farmers, and will provide practical advice on how to support and connect our rural clients in...

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Children's Cooking Class Asian Street Food

Children's Cooking Class Asian Street Food. Wednesday 11th October 2017
The kids will create Laksa, Dumpling three ways, and Satay 2 ways. Cooking school students will receive the full experience when they attend the Farmhouse Kitchen 100 percent hands-on cooking classes. They will leave knowing basic cooking skills and will have prepared a full meal from start to...

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Children's Cooking Class Italian Pasta and Desserts

Children's Cooking Class Italian Pasta and Desserts. Thursday 12th October 2017
The children will make different shapes of Italian pasta dishes and desserts. Cooking school students will receive the full experience when they attend the Farmhouse Kitchen 100 percent hands-on cooking classes. They will leave knowing basic cooking skills and will have prepared a full meal from...

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Sow Your Summer Edible Garden

Sow Your Summer Edible Garden. Saturday 14th October 2017
This is a fun, practical workshop to get your seeds sown. I provide the seeds, the soil and the pots. In 90 minutes you’ll learn and practice how to sow seeds that free you from the limitations and costs of buying seedlings from garden centres. Buying seedlings is often an easy and quick way to...

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Mozzarella and Haloumi Cheese Making Workshop

Mozzarella and Haloumi Cheese Making Workshop. Saturday 14th October 2017
In this three-hour long workshop, you will learn how to make halloumi, mozzarella, and quark. You will be taught by Chris Van Der Have of Farmhouse Kitchen. All equipment and ingredients to make cheese are provided, and a beginner's Italian Kit (valued at $42.90) from Mad Millie is included in...

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Scented Soy Candle & Melt Making Class

Scented Soy Candle & Melt Making Class. Saturday 14th October 2017
Soy candle making is a gentle, satisfying craft enjoyed by both young and old. Learn how to make long lasting, scented candles for gifts or your home with this natural product, fragrances and colours and recycled containers. You will go away from this demonstration with knowledge, inspiration,...

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Whispers From Above Show with Melissa Mills: CANCELLED

Whispers From Above Show with Melissa Mills: CANCELLED. Saturday 14th October 2017
Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm This show is part of the official Whispers from Above tour which kicked off in Howick last week. An evening with Melissa Mills International Psychic Medium will be an experience to remember and not to be missed! Melissa Mills has been bringing...

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Employment Legislation - Business Central

Employment Legislation - Business Central. Tuesday 17th October 2017
This course will cover key requirements of core legislation that govern the employment relationship. Anyone who employs staff needs to have a sound understanding of the rights and responsibilities involved in the employment relations area. To find out more contact -

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Predator Control Workshop

Predator Control Workshop. Tuesday 17th October 2017
Predator Control Workshop for farmers, landowners, or anyone wishing to learn how to trap pests. Programme: Welcome, Health and Safety, Introductions. Current best practise predator control in a rural environment (Darren Peters, National Predator Control Specialist for Department of...

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Conducting Disciplinary Meetings Course - Business Central

Conducting Disciplinary Meetings Course - Business Central. Wednesday 18th October 2017
The manner in which a disciplinary meeting is conducted is a key element in determining whether the action taken by the employer was procedurally fair. If a meeting is not conducted fairly or key steps are overlooked or omitted the outcome of the disciplinary process may be invalidated or could...

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ANZ Agribusiness Breakfast at The Hawkes Bay Royal Show

Thursday 19th October 2017
With guest speaker Con Williams, ANZ Rural Economist. Rural outlook for 2017/18 and beyond. We are delighted to host this ANZ Agribusiness Breakfast with Con Williams, ANZ’s Rural Economist as our guest speaker. Con is the ANZ team's dedicated rural economist; his role encompasses all things...

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BWR Women In Agriculture Breakfast at the Hawkes Bay Show

Friday 20th October 2017
With Guest Speaker Lindy Nelson MNZM. Lindy is Executive Director of Agri-Women’s Development Trust. A Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to agriculture and women; A visionary leader who has been dubbed a rural revolutionary in a recent feature for Next magazine. Awarded the...

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Livamol Equestrian Lunch at The Royal New Zealand Show

Friday 20th October 2017
This year with the support of Livamol we are thrilled to hold this ever evolving luncheon in the Farmlands Corporate Lounge (located in front of the Grandstand) giving guests a premium spot and ringside views of the 2017 World Cup Show Jumping Event which will be taking place during our luncheon. ...

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Zeffer Cider - Josh Townsend

Zeffer Cider - Josh Townsend. Wednesday 25th October 2017
From humble beginnings selling small batches at the Matakana Farmers Market in 2009, Zeffer has grown to become a leading craft cider brand and the largest independent, dedicated cider producer in New Zealand. Today they're producing over 300,000 litres per year, roughly equivalent to around...

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Leadership & Management Level 1 - Business Training NZ Ltd

Leadership & Management Level 1 - Business Training NZ Ltd. Wednesday 25th October 2017
Learn how to make the transition from buddy to boss and lead a successful team. Managing staff can be a very rewarding, interesting and fun role, it can also be a tough and demanding job. Between managing your own time and projects, helping your team members solve problems and complete tasks,...

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Qigong Teacher Training with Peter Caughey

Qigong Teacher Training with Peter Caughey. Friday 27th October 2017
Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Master Qigong Healer Peter Caughey, is an internationally renowned Teacher and Healer and is returning to New Zealand for a short time offering an intensive 3-day Qigong Teacher Training course in Havelock North....

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Cow Pat Pit CPP Workshop

Cow Pat Pit CPP Workshop. Saturday 28th October 2017
At Farmhouse Kitchen we are introducing the CCP. We will be building this from scratch, it is a special designed brick lined pit. Then we collect fresh mature from our cows, that graze our organic paddocks. The manure will be mixed with ground eggshells and basalt dust, and inoculated with...

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Glutenfree Grain & Pseudo Grain Workshop

Glutenfree Grain & Pseudo Grain Workshop. Saturday 28th October 2017
Buckwheat, Millet and Quinoa, they are wholesome and nourishing and wonderful basic gluten free whole foods to create delicious recipe's! Deepen your understanding and your practical skills about gluten-free whole foods. At this workshop, you will be given demonstrations and hands-on experience...

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Health & Safety Essentials for Small Businesses

Health & Safety Essentials for Small Businesses. Tuesday 31st October 2017
As a legal entity, even your small to medium sized company is known under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 as a PCBU. All PCBU's have a primary duty of care to everyone affected by work carried out in your workplace. Owners of small business are required by law to exercise due diligence to...

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From Milk Kefir to Butter

From Milk Kefir to Butter. Tuesday 31st October 2017
Pauline has found a new passion! Milk kefir Grains! She used to make milk kefir grains as a drink, as it reminded her of the Buttermilk in the Netherlands.  But she has now learned how to use these milk kefir grains to make Yogurt, Sour Cream, Butter and even a Goats Chèvre. Come to an...

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Management: Becoming a Confident Leader

Management: Becoming a Confident Leader. Wednesday 8th November 2017
Great managers are able to bring out the best in themselves and others. But what does it take to thrive in management? This intensive two-day course lays the groundwork for those new to management or looking towards their first management position in the near future. You will learn what it takes...

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Time Management: Personal Effectiveness - Business Central

Time Management: Personal Effectiveness - Business Central. Friday 10th November 2017
When you manage your time well, you feel on top of your tasks and your job feels less stressful. But sometimes it is difficult to stay focused. This one-day workshop will help you identify the common behaviours that prevent you from managing your time effectively. It will teach you the right tools...

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Weekend Masterclass In Painterly Woodcuts With Kathy Boyle

Weekend Masterclass In Painterly Woodcuts With Kathy Boyle. Saturday 18th November 2017
Join us for the November Masterclass in our weekend workshop series, and learn how to create painterly woodcuts with expert printmaker Kathy Boyle. You will learn how to make your own woodcut using Kathy’s own developed technique for printing in a painterly style. Materials will be provided at...

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Health & Safety Management Course - Business Central

Health & Safety Management Course - Business Central. Tuesday 28th November 2017
Modern effective H&S management relies on a systematic approach. New Zealand Safety Standard 4801 describes the core elements of an H&S system. This course will introduce you to those core elements and help you with strategies to encourage active worker and manager involvement in your workplace....

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Stage 1 Health & Safety Rep Course - Business Central

Stage 1 Health & Safety Rep Course - Business Central. Wednesday 29th November 2017
Everyone who wants to be officially recognised as an H&S representative in their workplace needs to complete this course. NZ Health and Safety law requires training and recognises the role, the duties and responsibilities of workplace health and safety representatives. This course introduces you...

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Stage 1 - Training for H&S Representatives

Stage 1 - Training for H&S Representatives. Wednesday 29th November 2017
Everyone who wants to be officially recognised as an H&S representative in their workplace needs to complete this course. NZ Health and Safety law requires training and recognises the role, the duties and responsibilities of workplace health and safety representatives. This course introduces you...

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Confident Communication

Confident Communication. Tuesday 30th January 2018
This course will increase your confidence in your communications with others at work. Get across to others what it is that you would like them to know and understand, in a communication style based on influence, positive behaviour and sensitivity. You will increase your awareness of your own...

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Developing an Effective HR Framework

Developing an Effective HR Framework. Wednesday 31st January 2018
Understand your responsibilities from recruitment through to termination. Managing staff is a fundamental requirement for every manager. Doing so requires skill, expertise and experience, all applied within a framework of processes and procedures that are fair, transparent and legally...

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Dealing With Difficult People & Situations - Biz Trainers

Dealing With Difficult People & Situations - Biz Trainers. Wednesday 21st March 2018
Transform conflict and difficult situations with co-workers and customers into opportunities by equipping your staff with the skills and techniques required to manage these situations with confidence, professionalism, and pride. Learn ways to resolve conflict with customers and co-workers,...

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Silver Fern Farms HB Farmer of The Year Field Day

Silver Fern Farms HB Farmer of The Year Field Day. Thursday 3rd May 2018
The primary objectives of the Silver Fern Farms Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year competition are to identify, promote and celebrate excellence in pastoral farming in Hawke’s Bay. In doing so we endorse the contribution of pastoral farming to the economic cultural and social well-being of...

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Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of The Year Field Day

Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of The Year Field Day. Thursday 10th May 2018
Join the winner of the Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of the year award on their farm to see what made them stand out from the rest.

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