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Photography Weekend Workshop

Photography Weekend Workshop. Saturday 29th July 2017
Learn the principles and practice of good digital photography - we will cover how to control exposure, camera modes, digital file sizes and composition, with practical exercises to put into practice what is learnt. Tutor: Anneliese Hough Bring your own camera, memory cards and attachments for...

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Constellations Workshop

Constellations Workshop. Saturday 29th July 2017
Healing generations of unhealthy patterns. Coming back down to the bay again is Erin and the amazing Constellation workshop. For those that missed out last time, here is another opportunity to experience this transformative day. If you are unable to make it this day, personal Skype sessions are...

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Scented Soy Candle & Melt Making Class

Scented Soy Candle & Melt Making Class. Saturday 29th July 2017
Soy candle making is a gentle, satisfying craft enjoyed by both young and old. Learn how to make long lasting, scented candles for gifts or your home with this natural product, fragrances and colours and recycled containers. You will go away from this demonstration with knowledge, inspiration,...

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Sonic Tonic Sound Bath

Sonic Tonic Sound Bath. Sunday 30th July 2017
Sonic Tonics for the Soul. Sonic: - 'denoting, relating to, or of the nature of sound or sound waves' Tonic: - 'giving a feeling of vigour or well-being; invigorating' Come to the beautiful 'Temple of Sound' and feel your Angelic Vibration with channelled light language and divine song...

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Sex Ed By Porn?

Sex Ed By Porn?. Tuesday 1st August 2017
Supporting young people in an age of pornography. Gain skills to assist young people whose sexual understandings have been distorted by pornography. Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hardcore. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and...

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Adobe Illustrator Nightclass

Adobe Illustrator Nightclass. Tuesday 1st August 2017
An introduction to creating graphics using Adobe Illustrator. This course will show you the fundamentals of vector illustration, which can then be applied to poster, logo, pattern, laser cutting and engraving designs. Students must supply own USB to save work on: min 4GB Tutor: Dean...

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Chemistry Of Life - Your Guide To An Extraordinary Life

Chemistry Of Life - Your Guide To An Extraordinary Life. Wednesday 2nd August 2017
This is where it all begins. The why and the how of Living an Extraordinary Healthy Life, with an emphasis on the Brain-Body Connection (Structural Correction) but also addressing specific lifestyle steps to help support that primary focus. Fewer Accidents and Injuries, More Energy, Better...

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Beginners Salsa 8-week Course

Beginners Salsa 8-week Course. Wednesday 2nd August 2017
Salsa Dance Lessons - Beginners course start Wednesday 2nd August. See our facebook event info for full details @letsdancenz No partner required. Helpers from a higher level are welcome.

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Expert Series - Public Lecture

Expert Series - Public Lecture. Thursday 3rd August 2017

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Sharemarket 101 with Pie Funds

Sharemarket 101 with Pie Funds. Thursday 3rd August 2017
Want to know what an equity is as opposed to a bond, or any other investment questions you’ve been too shy to ask? Join in on this informal discussion designed to introduce you to the share market and general investing. Bring along your questions and take part in this relaxed session with Mike...

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Meditation & Contemplation

Meditation & Contemplation. Thursday 3rd August 2017
We invite you to practice meditation with the support of a group. Our group uses an approach to meditation/contemplation based on the Christian tradition. Everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a spiritual practice, spiritual companionship, have no affiliation with any Spiritual...

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Business Breakfast Series - Shaun D'Mello

Business Breakfast Series - Shaun D'Mello. Friday 4th August 2017
From the ground up, Shaun D’Mello has overseen the development of the world’s first private orbital launch range, Launch Complex 1. As Vice President of Launch at Rocket Lab, Shaun is responsible for the engineering and operation of launch systems and range infrastructure including structures...

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Glaucoma - Public Meeting

Glaucoma - Public Meeting. Saturday 5th August 2017
An invitation to a free seminar. Glaucoma New Zealand invites you to attend a free presentation to learn about the most common cause of preventable blindness in New Zealand. Eye specialist, Dr Alex Buller will be presenting on what glaucoma is, how it is detected and treatment options. There will...

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Sue Nicholson Psychic Development Workshop - Level 1

Sue Nicholson Psychic Development Workshop - Level 1. Sunday 6th August 2017
Level One - An introduction to developing your psychic abilities. Spend the day with psychic powerhouse Sue Nicholson - see first-hand how she connects to the Spirit world and learn fascinating exercises designed to help you tap into your own psychic ability. The Sensing Murder psychic medium will...

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Paul Bailey - Hawke's Bay Regional Councillor

Paul Bailey - Hawke's Bay Regional Councillor. Sunday 6th August 2017
Hawke's Bay Regional government - Bring your questions on: resource consents, rates, water bottling, dams, the port and... to a Meeting of the Hawke’s Bay East Coast group of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists.

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Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads

Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads. Monday 7th August 2017
This is a humerous, entertaining and inspirational event full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste at home. You get a free $100 goodie bag with each ticket, bursting with waste minimisation products. Here are a few comments from recent attendees: “Went to our first Waste Free...

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Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha. Tuesday 8th August 2017
It's that time again! Join us for Pecha Kucha 22 at the beautiful Century Theatre. Come along and hear about the hopes, dreams, passions and obsessions of a bunch of fabulous Hawke's Bay locals. Doors open 5:30pm, presentations start at 6pm. Proudly supported by: MTG Hawke’s Bay.

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Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads

Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads. Tuesday 8th August 2017
This is a humerous, entertaining and inspirational event full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste at home. You get a free $100 goodie bag with each ticket, bursting with waste minimisation products. Here are a few comments from recent attendees: “Went to our first Waste Free...

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Improve Your Sewing Skills - Nightclass

Improve Your Sewing Skills - Nightclass. Wednesday 9th August 2017
Due to popular demand, the ideal school fashion studios at EIT are very pleased to offer another 7-week sewing night class. These workshops will be practical hands-on sessions on knowing your sewing machine, using an overlocker, understanding commercial patterns, fabrics, grainlines and layouts....

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Agri-Industry Summit 2017

Agri-Industry Summit 2017. Thursday 10th August 2017
Future Thinking – Maximising the Agri Opportunity. CCH Learning's flagship summit conference will return for the second time in 2017. The Summit will be held in Napier at the newly redeveloped Napier Conference Centre. The Summit’s two-day programme will feature a diverse range of...

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Art for Tots

Art for Tots. Monday 14th August 2017
Book in now for a fun and playful art experience developed especially for under-fives, based on the current exhibitions. Koha, booking required.

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Jam Club

Jam Club. Thursday 17th August 2017
6 Week Music Course for Adults! Learn the basics of jamming! Play in a group with other musicians and understand the dynamics of a band. Using an approach that incorporates playing by ear, reading music and basic theory we will learn how to improvise riffs and chord progressions, solos and...

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Home Composting for Beginners

Home Composting for Beginners. Saturday 19th August 2017
Having trouble with your compost? Smelly and slimy? Still, in the state, it started? Lumpy and lifeless? Perhaps you don’t have enough compost? Or you don’t have enough space to turn your waste into beautiful, rich, soil-enhancing compost. Every garden deserves a fully functioning compost...

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Dance, Drum & Sing with Bismark: Napier

Dance, Drum & Sing with Bismark: Napier. Saturday 19th August 2017
Jennifer Moss Music is proud to be bringing the king of spicy moves & grooves, Bismark Kofi Danyo from West Africa to NZ! Napier! Are you ready to work with Bismark? This is a workshop for all ability levels... drum, dance & song. Bismark is a professional dancer, singer, and drummer based in...

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Accident Reporting & Investigation - Business Central

Accident Reporting & Investigation - Business Central. Tuesday 29th August 2017
Create a safer workplace through effective accident and incident investigation. Almost every accident involves a risk or hazard. This course will teach you to use root cause analysis as an effective method to discover why the problem occurred in the first place and give you key insights into...

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Risk and Hazard Managment - Business Central

Risk and Hazard Managment - Business Central. Wednesday 30th August 2017
One of the primary legal duties in everyone’s workplace is to constantly identify, monitor and control risks and hazards in order to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. This course encourages you to take a comprehensive approach to risk management and to work towards actively eliminating or...

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Project Management Techniques

Project Management Techniques. Monday 4th September 2017
Course Overview: The two-day Project Management Techniques (PMT) course is an introduction to Professional Project Management and is perfect for anyone who is new to the profession or needs a refresher on best practice in the industry. This course is designed to familiarise business professionals...

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Have It Your Way

Have It Your Way. Wednesday 6th September 2017
"Many people live with health issues that can be easily solved or greatly reduced using natural remedies". Alison Cowell is an international health speaker who has performed over 10,000 individual client consultations and is one of New Zealand's leading holistic nutritionists. Join us at...

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Dr Julie Bhosale Starting Solids Tour

Dr Julie Bhosale Starting Solids Tour. Saturday 9th September 2017
Dr. Julie Bhosale is an internationally-renowned family wellbeing and nutrition expert, author, and speaker and her popular National Starting Solids Tour - with her new book 'The Nourished Baby' - is a must. There is currently a lot of conflicting information around when and how to start solid...

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Home Food Production Workshop Part 1

Home Food Production Workshop Part 1. Saturday 9th September 2017
This introductory level workshop, held across two two-hour sessions is aimed at those of us who want to grow our own food at home but don't know how or where to start. Our experienced tutor is a passionate gardener and educator who loves growing things to eat. We'll cover lots of tried and...

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Glutenfree Grain & Pseudo Grain Workshop

Glutenfree Grain & Pseudo Grain Workshop. Saturday 9th September 2017
Deepen your understanding about gluten-free whole foods. At this workshop, you will be given demonstrations and hands-on experience of how to prepare whole foods for optimal digestion and how to create delicious and nourishing meals, snacks and treats that the whole family will enjoy. You will...

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Managing Difficult and Disruptive People

Managing Difficult and Disruptive People. Tuesday 12th September 2017
Difficult and disruptive people can consume most of your time and the disruption they cause to the team/unit/business can be significant in terms of productivity, customer service and employee engagement. This course will equip you with the skills, processes and confidence to handle to handle...

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Sourdough Breadmaking Workshop

Sourdough Breadmaking Workshop. Saturday 16th September 2017
This is a new workshop where you will learn how to create, feed and care for your own everlasting rye sourdough starter, and from this make fresh sourdough breads, fruit buns, sourdough pancakes, crackers and more. This is a practical, hands-on workshop where you will experience making and working...

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Screenprinting Weekend Workshop

Screenprinting Weekend Workshop. Saturday 23rd September 2017
This workshop introduces practical techniques of screen printing including how to make a screen stencil, how to use light sensitive emulsion and how to print onto paper or a fabric surface. This workshop is suitable for beginners. You will design and create the screen on Saturday, and print it on...

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Home Food Production Workshop Part 2

Home Food Production Workshop Part 2. Saturday 23rd September 2017
This introductory level workshop, held across two two-hour sessions is aimed at those of us who want to grow our own food at home but don't know how or where to start. Our experienced tutor is a passionate gardener and educator who loves growing things to eat. We'll cover lots of tried and tested...

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Vegetable Fermentation Workshop

Vegetable Fermentation Workshop. Saturday 23rd September 2017
Farmhouse Kitchen offers a hands-on workshop where you can learn all about making health-promoting fermented foods, including sauerkraut and more. You will be able to taste some delicious fermented foods and take away your creations as well as lots of recipes and tips to try at home. You will be...

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Customer Service Excellence - Business Training NZ Limited

Customer Service Excellence - Business Training NZ Limited. Tuesday 26th September 2017
A fantastic one day course to get staff communicating professionally and confidently with customers. Keep your customers coming back by empowering staff with core communication and customer service skills along with a ‘can do attitude’. For the better part of every day, we are communicating to...

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Supervision: An Introduction

Supervision: An Introduction. Tuesday 26th September 2017
Know the key skills for managing other people as well as their work. When you manage other people, you need to balance your own development alongside managing and leading your team. This popular one day course will provide many of the tools you need to cope with this juggling act. You'll work on...

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Stage 2 Training for H&S Representatives

Stage 2 Training for H&S Representatives. Tuesday 26th September 2017
Take your skill base as a health and safety representative to the next level. Stage 2 training focusses on specific risk and hazard identification and controls, approved Codes of Practice, using accident data to identify trends and develop preventative actions across all the core elements of your...

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Time Management Workshop

Time Management Workshop. Wednesday 27th September 2017
Do you need more hours in your day? Would you like to become less busy and more productive? Learn how to prioritise, how to handle interruptions, plan ahead, beat common time wasters, delegate, and much more. You've all heard the expression 'Time is money' Well actually time is more valuable...

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Developing a Bully-Free Culture

Developing a Bully-Free Culture. Wednesday 27th September 2017
Bullying is a significant workplace hazard that affects employee health and business productivity. To prevent bullying is much easier than dealing with it once it occurs. This course helps you to identify bullies and put in place practical steps to make your workplace safer for everyone. It gives...

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Beginners Salsa 8-week Course

Beginners Salsa 8-week Course. Wednesday 4th October 2017
Salsa Dance Lessons - Beginners course start Wednesday 4th October 2017. Join the fun of salsa dancing, we recommend having a partner however it is not essential as we have a helper to assist, just come along and have a fantastic time meeting new people and learn to dance. See our facebook event...

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A Day for You

A Day for You. Saturday 7th October 2017
Create the life you wish. An interactive and explorative day where you will: - Learn about food and how it affects your mood - Why to set goals and boundaries? - How to create the future you want through visioning and affirmations - Discover what's holding you back. Meet likeminded women....

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Making Movies Workshop

Making Movies Workshop. Tuesday 10th October 2017
Introduction to Screen Production (Filmmaking). The Introduction to Screen Production Shortcourse gives you a taste of working in the Screen Production Industry with practical lessons in camera and sound recording, editing and sound mixing from our experienced professionals at EIT's purpose-built...

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Whispers From Above Show with Melissa Mills

Whispers From Above Show with Melissa Mills. Saturday 14th October 2017
Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm This show is part of the official Whispers from Above tour which kicked off in Howick last week. An evening with Melissa Mills International Psychic Medium will be an experience to remember and not to be missed! Melissa Mills has been bringing...

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Leadership & Management Level 1 - Business Training NZ Ltd

Leadership & Management Level 1 - Business Training NZ Ltd. Wednesday 25th October 2017
Learn how to make the transition from buddy to boss and lead a successful team. Managing staff can be a very rewarding, interesting and fun role, it can also be a tough and demanding job. Between managing your own time and projects, helping your team members solve problems and complete tasks,...

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Dealing With Difficult People & Situations - Biz Trainers

Dealing With Difficult People & Situations - Biz Trainers. Thursday 26th October 2017
Transform conflict and difficult situations with co-workers and customers into opportunities by equipping your staff with the skills and techniques required to manage these situations with confidence, professionalism, and pride. Learn ways to resolve conflict with customers and co-workers,...

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Management: Becoming a Confident Leader

Management: Becoming a Confident Leader. Tuesday 7th November 2017
Great managers are able to bring out the best in themselves and others. But what does it take to thrive in management? This intensive two-day course lays the groundwork for those new to management or looking towards their first management position in the near future. You will learn what it takes...

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Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of The Year Field Day

Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of The Year Field Day. Thursday 26th April 2018
Join the winner of the Pan Pac HB Farm Forester of the year award on their farm to see what made them stand out from the rest.

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Silver Fern Farms HB Farmer of The Year Field Day

Silver Fern Farms HB Farmer of The Year Field Day. Thursday 3rd May 2018
The primary objectives of the Silver Fern Farms Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year competition are to identify, promote and celebrate excellence in pastoral farming in Hawke’s Bay. In doing so we endorse the contribution of pastoral farming to the economic cultural and social well-being of...

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Bay Skate

Located on Marine Parade, Napier, is the Bay Skate Park - home to skateboarding, BMX, roller derby, inline hockey and scootering.
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Napier Aquatic Centre

Situated in the centre of Napier, in the middle of Onekawa Park, the Napier Aquatic Centre is a safe and affordable aquatic facility for everyone.
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Napier City Council

For Napier City residents and citizens to have easy access to see what council are currently working on, completed, what they do, facilities, and council information.
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Parklands Residential Estate

Located in the Art Deco city of Napier. We have worked closely with our builders to promote and develop high quality housing within an open-aspect environment.
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The Faraday Centre

The Faraday Centre in Napier, is Hawke's Bay's Museum of Technology. It's a place of discovery where history comes alive through hands on experience.
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National Aquarium of New Zealand

Nowhere else in New Zealand will you discover a wider range of marine animals and native species in a single facility than at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.
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MTG Hawke's Bay

Comprising a Museum, Theatre and Gallery - MTG is home to a significant collection of objects that form the foundation of distinctive exhibitions, a world-class research facility and the MTG Theatre.
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Napier Municipal Theatre

Unique Art Deco heritage has been preserved with the skilful addition of modern theatre facilities making it the best provincial performing arts centre in the nation.
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Par2 MiniGolf

Come to Par2 MiniGolf and meet Seamore the Seagull at our sea-side minigolf courses. Challenge your friends and family for a round.
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Kennedy Park Resort Napier

We are Hawkes Bay's premier holiday accommodation park providing an array of facilities to keep the entire family entertained.
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Napier Conference Centre

We offer an all purpose built venue that uniquely combines spectacular outlooks with functional layout.
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Napier Libraries

strive to Inspire, Educate and Entertain by providing access to information through various resources within our Libraries. We aim to provide more than you expect.
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William Colenso

Build on the blossoming national and international interest in William Colenso's life and ideas as the result of the William Colenso Bicentenary Celebrations in Hawke's Bay in 2011, and a body of new publications and research.
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